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Today we’d like to warn you about walks on the hills of Plovdiv… We know that the weather us pretty nice these days (frankly really nice, 22 degrees today…) and that the woodsy roofs above the cool benches all over the hills somehow remind us of the sweet flavour of beer but… beware!

Earlier today Zombonkey was noticed! This creature had a mixed origin… he is the result of a failed experiment to merge alien DNA (parasyt) with one of the test monkeys in the Bulgarian Space Program (BuSP). Zombonkey is considered one of the most intelligent and kind apes! Even after the predatory virus, Zombonkey is still very friendly. However, the problem is when you remain alone with him, then there’s a slight danger that the ‘monkey’ will submit to the hunger and will spend the next few hours digesting your brain!

So, be careful and warn your friends and relatives!

Nevertheless, adventurers are suggested to arm themselves with bananas and seek Zombonkey, but only in groups of 3-4 people, as it is more likely for the ape to remain calm… hopefully