First time seeing Krachko

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Hello, creatures!

Today we have the pleaseure to meet a new creature, that inhabits Plovdiv.

Say hello to Krachko!

It’s hard to tell you more about him… nobody knows where it came from and what type of a creature exactly is it. Krachko himself is not very talkative, plus he cannot recall anything further than the last few days. We believe that he was part of a secret experiment conducted by the Bulgarian Space Program (BuSP) but we don’t possess enough evidence for this. We may never know where Krachko comes from, but we will make him feel welcome. The poor creature was found walking about near the highway in the cold myst that settled this morning.

Let the faith of Krachko be a sign for all of us, the truth is out there!

We wish you happy pre-Christmas days, we will get on with sewing some boots for Krachko 🙂