Topcho sets a world record!

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Hi, creatures!

If by any chance you missed the media coverage, we made an effort to get an exclusive shot of the successful tryout of Topcho to beat the record for juggling with coloured fossils, combined with balancing on top an unsafe chimney of a tall building.

This Sunday (29th of November, 2015) our friend Topcho managed to juggle 13  coloured fossils  weighing between 500 gr. and 7.5 kg. for a total of 6 hours 43 minutes and 17 seconds! Thus he bested the world record set in 1899 by sir Dormis van Teflan.

The event was covered by local television, as well as 3 intergalactic newspapers, which sent photo drones to shoot the event.

Let us all congratulate Topcho for the success and wish him many more!