PaveL and Boboncho on a wedding!

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Well, well… lets see who’s wearing their new clothes today!

Last Sunday we went on a road trip to Vacha dam (after Krichim, down the majestic road with more craters than the moon).

It was raining a lil bit, but the wearher was perfect for a walk. Well, there was a wedding! Some local mafiozzo from Krichim was getting married to a beautiful bride from Novo selo. Anyways, we wish them all the happiness in the world, they offered us trout and beer, but the most important parts was, we saw out good friend PaveL with his significant other, Boboncho. They we both wearing matching colors, so we guess the rock star is pretty serious about the relationship with his long-necked girlfriend. Boboncho looked a bit bigger around the waist, so who knows… it’s either due to overeating this winter, or maybe they are preparing a nice surprise for all of us!

We from Maina Creatures will keep you posted!