Antonster can change his size!

When we first saw him, it was a bit dramatic for Plovdivians. He came out of hiding and decided to watch the sunset from the Aliosha monument. However, he couldn’t see well from all the trees and therefore grew himself ‘a bit’. Needless to say, people were scared and some even thought the end of the world came. After thorough observations, we found out that the new citizen of the city is quite sad and mostly likes to sit on the hills, where he stays for hours, looking blankly in the empty sky above town. People have reported seeing the creature weeping.

Antonster comes from a faraway planet in the WC-420/610 nebula, which is unofficially named Pangasia. Life there evolved to be able to shift size to accommodate the ever-growing population. Around the 13th century of our timeline Pangasia was invaded by a mining corporation that wanted to extract the core energy from the depths of the planet. As the nebula WC-420/610 is not part of the Common Space Government, there was no way to protect Pangasia from the mining corporation. Antonster is the only one known to have survived from the glorious Pangasian species.

We have much more questions for him, but he appears to be too scarred from what happened to him and he is unable to talk about it without getting very emotional.

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