After getting to know Joe for a few weeks, let’s break down his story.

Joe Cookard was never born! He was made in a lab. We have already encountered the Bulgarian Space Program (BuSP) when we were looking into the origins of our friend Krachko, that we found wandering about the highway last year.

However, we never got proof that he was part of any secret experiments of BuSP. Well, since we met Joe, this has all changed. Joe was developed in the BuSP lab in Pavlikeni where he was a part of a secret experiment to produce chemical weapons. The idea behind the weapon with project codename Food Truck was to produce chemicals that turn ordinary food in any household into deadly assassins. After Joe was made from a cookie he was subjected to horrendous experiments to appraise his abilities in close range combat. After 3 years Joe finally managed to escape and wandered off to Cherven Bryag. After living in the mafia underground there, he got tangled into some mob problems and had to flee to Plovdiv. And this is where we met him.

Joe managed to provide some more insight on BuSP and to confirm that Krachko was indeed subjected to experiments there. However, subjects were not allowed to interact with each other and Joe has no other information on the origin of Krachko.

Although he had a terrible past, filled with hardships and cruelty, Joe is mostly sane and indeed very compassionate. He plans to rally against the BuSP and bring them down. He is learning to trust humans again and we plan to provide our support to that.

So, let’s all welcome him in Plovdiv and show him that not all people are bad!

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