Say Hi to Slancho!

He’s a gentle Creature in search of warmth wandering the streets of Plovdiv. Usually he goes out and about around sunset and can be seen happily drunk jumping in Kapana. Slancho loves to drink beer and to have fun with friends.
He was the first creature to surface and start interacting with people. Based on his own words, it was ‘just too boring hiding out all the time’, so he risked it. People were fast to realize that he means no hard and is a cuddly fluffy sweetheart who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Soon after Plovdivians opened up to Slancho, other creatures were noticed. And that’s when MainaCreatures was formed, to provide you with all the information on these wonderful beings that we can gather.
We have always had a soft spot for Slancho, and he has always been kind and helpful, becoming an integral part of our small community.

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