This is Svetofarcho!

A creature that moved to Plovdiv in 2015. We caught him on camera while he was arriving from Parvomay. As far as we understood, after spending 27 years non-stop working at a crossroad, Svetofarcho was forced to leave Parvomay due to an unpleasant quarrel about a missing chicken from a yard near his crossroad. Svetofarcho considers his move to Plovdiv as something exceptionally positive, and he doesn’t want to talk about his past a lot. So we are not pressing. For him the big change is an opportunity for a new start and new friendships. This is all we know about the little lighty’s past and we are fine with that.


The past years have only shown Svetofarchno as a nice, warm and intelligent creature, however we have to remind you.
This creature comes from the country site and it is possible that he is used to some strange whimsicalities, like consuming people or strong alcoholic beverages! If you notice him, quickly arm yourself with a bottle of grape rakia and at least a kilo of sausages… just in case.

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