Topcho needs no introduction.

What?! You don’t know who Topcho is?!… Please, go and see the Space Jam movie with Mike Jordan and Bugs Bunny… Topcho is not there, but the movie is a classic in the ‘monster-basketballers’ genre!

So… this is Topcho, our basketball master!

Back in the 50’s, while he was attending Monster High, Topcho received a scholarship for Monster College as the basketball team captain. Sadly, on prom night, after getting quite drunk, Topcho hurt himself and in doing so ended his professional basketball career before it has even begun… Don’t be sad! This had no effect on Topcho’s spirit, it even motivated him to become one of the best basketball coaches!

After moving to Plovdiv he was denied a coaching license. Therefore he works as a substitute P.E. teacher, when schools around town need such.

Good luck, Topcho!

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